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To be a gentleman is a joyful thing to aspire to.

After all, a gentleman embodies all the very best qualities a man can strive to possess: Courtesy, respect, kindness, and grace.

Your review of the details listed below ensures that we share similar expectations and that we will have a delightful time when we connect.


As I always respect your privacy, I ask that you likewise respect my screening requirements. Screening is required for new friends, and ensures that our meeting is one where we can fully relax and focus on our burgeoning relationship. The screening process begins with thorough completion of my booking form. Anything omitted will result in missing the occasion to connect with me. You don’t want to forego such an exciting opportunity, right? Also, know that the information that you provide is kept confidential. If you are not comfortable with my screen procedures, we will not be meeting.


In-person discussion of patronage is such an impolite affair. To sidestep such awkwardness, your gift should be presented discreetly in an unsealed envelope within the first few minutes of our meeting. A great location is the bathroom vanity at my location or yours. Should we be meeting publicly, please have the donation neatly tucked away – perhaps in a book of your favorite literature, or in a gift bag. 

If you wish to extend our date and I have time available, please be ready to send the remaining balance electronically via one of the accepted payment methods or by discreetly placing it on the bathroom vanity. 


It goes without saying that total body hygiene is important. It is not enough to look the part and be freshly shaven, but also to have fresh breath,  clean nails and to be freshly showered upon arrival. 


Unless previously agreed upon, email is my preferred method of communication. Furthermore, the arrangements for our date should be finalized in as few emails as possible. Texting and calling are reserved for same day requests or last minute scheduling/itinerary changes to our date.  

Any spoken or written reference regarding explicit or lewd acts will result in a complete termination of contact and correspondence. Any financial support or gifts exchanged are for my time and companionship only.

Privacy and Discretion

This merits repeating as it is of great importance, please understand that all communications and encounters that take place between you and I will always be discrete and confidential. Furthermore, I am happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement should the circumstances warrant it. If you have any additional privacy concerns, please let me know. I am happy to discuss them with you.

Let’s Connect!

If this is your first time seeking to connect with me and you are interested in meeting me the same day, please understand that the completeness of the screening information you provide determines if your request will be granted expeditiously. This is accomplished by fully completing my booking form and submitting any additional screening information requested.


Where are you based?

I am based in Boston, MA and I host from a discreet and sumptuous downtown location. If you are seeking an outcall, please add *$100 to cover travel expenses.

*This rate covers travel up to 30 minutes away from downtown.

How much advance notice do you require?

I am available the same day with a minimum of 1-4 hours notice if we are well acquainted or the gods of mirth have smiled upon you.

For dinner dates and/or evenings out, it is best to contact me 24-48 hours (or more) in advance to ensure that my schedule can accommodate and allow for a fully relaxed and engaging experience for us both.

How should I prepare for our date? What should I bring with me?

Please arrive sober, freshly showered, and ready to have a mind blowing, sensual experience. Having made a thorough review of my etiquette page, you should execute placement of the patronage once greetings have concluded.

Fresh berries, lingerie, gift cards, and libations are simple ways to demonstrate your affection. I also love perfume, candles and red Cartier boxes if you want to be a serious contender for a place in my heart.

Are you available for ‘Fly Me to You’ dates?

Of course! I am fully vaccinated and passport ready. Let’s experience together the richness and beauty of the world, email me and let’s  make magic happen! I would love to craft the perfect private getaway for just the two of us.

Regionally: Travel greater than 90 minutes away from the downtown Boston area requires a minimum booking of 2 hours + a travel fee of $300.

Below are special rates for the New England area. Last minute inquiries may incur an additional fee.

Portland, Maine2 hour minimum2100
Beyond Portland 3-4 hour minimum3200 / 3900
Hartford, CT2 hour minimum2100
Providence, RI90 min minimum1700
Vermont4 hour minimum4500
New Hampshire90 min minimum1700
Montreal, CAD6 hour minimum5000
Nantucket, MA4 hour minimum4000
Cape Cod – Between Boston and Wequassett2 hour minimum2100
Beyond Wequassett 3 hour minimum3000
Martha’s Vineyard4 hour minimum4000

Please inquire for international rates.

Deposits and Cancellations

Depending on the location, time of day, and the length of time we will spend together, a 30-50% deposit is required. Please keep this in mind when making your request. All deposits are non-refundable.

Cancellations that occur within 72 hours of our scheduled meeting will incur a cancellation fee that is the full amount of the allotted time booked. Cancellations made within 3-14 days of our scheduled meeting will result in forfeiture of the deposit with an option to apply the deposit as credit toward a future date if full donation is received at time of cancellation. The future date must be scheduled within 90 days.

Repeated cancellations will require all future dates to be paid in full without exception.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept the following:

  • Zelle
  • Venmo
  • Apple Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Cashapp
  • *LLC Invoice
  • *VISA Vanilla Gift Cards

*Are subject to a  10% processing fee

For cash payments, please present as outlined on my etiquette page.

Gift giving is my love language, I would love to spoil you. Do you have a wishlist?

Above all, my desire is to connect with your body, mind, and soul; that is the best gift you can give to me.

I adore benefactors who contribute to my lingerie collection. Nothing makes me feel more feminine, demure, and sexy. My curvaceous figure means most purchases must be tailored to my specifications and thus, gift cards are an excellent option.

If you prefer to delight me with the element of surprise, peruse my wishlist.

Do you offer duos?

I possess a particular fondness for setting your heart aflame with one of my beautiful friends. I am always happy to recommend someone exciting to spice up our burgeoning relationship. You can find my list of friends here.

I would like to see you regularly. Do you accommodate semi-exclusive or exclusive arrangements?

A semi-exclusive love affair allows for us to strengthen our shared bond, for you to receive priority scheduling, and allows me to share more of myself with you. A genuine connection can thrive when our shared focus is deepening the attraction we feel for one another.

Get in touch. Let’s see where our shared chemistry will take us.

What is your policy regarding reviews? Can I write about the time we’ve spent together?

 As of January 2024, I have implemented a “No Review” policy. After much consideration, I find that this is befitting of the types of relationships I wish to cultivate moving forward and adds an extra layer of privacy. I want to linger in the recesses of your mind and know that with the slightest thought of me, pleasurable sensations ripple across your skin. Such delightfully tantalizing and salacious thoughts are some of life’s best-kept secrets.

Do you accept wardrobe requests?

Indeed I do — after screening has been completed and the deposit remitted to secure our date. My wardrobe is extensive and can accommodate nearly any fantasy your mind can conjure. However, if there is something very specific that you envision, send an e-gift card in advance of our date and I’ll be certain to make your wildest dreams come true.

Do you offer virtual dating?

I no longer offer virtual dates as of January 2024 and am prioritizing deeper and more exclusive in-person connections.