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PSE: The Ultimate Experience

Stacey Love Avatar

by Stacey Love 2 months ago

What is PSE? You’ve heard that it is that thing that you want to try, but you have had a hard time finding someone who is game and/or convincing your S.O. 

You want something filthy, slutty, at times downright nasty that would make even Lana Rhoades blush. 

This is where your dreams come true, as it is an experience that is best described as an (almost) limitless encounter. As there are thousands of companions, each having a different definition of the  “Girlfriend Experience”, you will also find just as many definitions for what is considered the ultimate in actualized fantasies: The Porn Star Experience. Few offer such a fetish-friendly, kinky and unfettered experience that allow for us both to act out fantasies seen only in pornography. Are you feeling adventurous and yearning to take a walk on the wilder side of things? I’ll make it so damn good you’ll never want to leave.

I have the hedonistic proficiency of your favorite adult star and a parlance for things kinkier and raunchier than what is typically on offer. Let me take you places – deep and dirty places that you’ve only dreamed  about, but never thought would crystalize in your reality. Armed with a loaded toy box (for you and me), a closet full of racy outfits, sexy costumes and a gifted mouth, no position is off limits. 

If you’re ready, I am willing. Now that you are familiar with how far our relationship can go, get in touch and let’s explore the possibilities. 

About Me

I know that I have quite the list of experiences available. If you are not quite sure what each experience entails, here I will be guiding you through the process of deciding how you and I will make our introduction through a series of blog postings. You will also discover reviews of some of my Michelin dining experiences.

Simple Pleasures

  • omakase
  • delicate gold jewelry
  • sunrises
  • champagne breakfasts
  • bubble baths + fluffy hotel bathrobes
  • cuddles
  • pilates
  • caviar + oysters
  • vinyls
  • old school chivalry
  • vintage convertibles
  • interior design 
  • art museums 
  • architecture 


  • libations: sparkling water, billecart salmon, blanc de blancs, syrah, krug champagne, clase azul, neat.
  • scents: white florals, rose, tuberose, gourmands
  • books: poetry, finance, psychology, autobiography
  • flowers: peonies, tulips, white rose
  • color: gold, white, black, nudes, all shades of pink
  • food: spanish, japanese, mediterranean, french, indian, italian