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Warm, Sticky and Wet – Slippery Roads Ahead!

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by Stacey Love 2 months ago

Nuru gel massage is a type of sensual body-to-body massage that originated in Japan. The word “Nuru” comes from the Japanese language and translates to “slippery” or “smooth.” In a Nuru massage, a special gel made from seaweed extracts, primarily from the Nori seaweed, is used to lubricate the bodies of both yours and mine, allowing for a smooth and frictionless experience.

Prior to your arrival, I will set up my exclusive Nuru setup pictured here. During the massage, I will apply the gel generously to your body and mine, creating a slippery surface that enables me to glide and slide effortlessly over you. The massage typically involves a high level of physical activity and will leave you very, very aroused, as I use  my entire body as the instrument to create a frisson so intense it will be hard for you to resist exploding in the first few minutes.  Imagine my luscious, ample breasts and supple toned physique gliding effortlessly across you culminating in the happiest of endings. 

Nuru massage has roots in traditional Japanese erotic massage practices often depicted in scrolls and traditional artwork. It is believed to have originated in the soaplands of Tokyo, which are red-light establishments where clients can receive erotic massages and other sexual services. Over time, Nuru massage has gained popularity both in Japan and around the world as a form of sensual relaxation and intimate connection.

While Nuru massage is often associated with eroticism and sensuality, it’s important to note that it can also be practiced in a non-sexual context, focusing purely on relaxation, stress relief, and physical pleasure. This is an option available to you as well. As with any form of massage, communication, trust, and consent are essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all parties involved.

The session begins and ends with us showering together. Through the application of my highly developed Tantric massage techniques coupled with Nuru, this type of experience will strengthen our connection and deepen intimacy, leaving you feeling as if you’re floating out the door. I  can also bring this experience to you with proper notice and for a fee. 

So the only question now is:  My place or yours? 

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